Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Review

Hello Fresh meal delivery homepage screenshot
  • Overall Rating – (97/100) 97% 97%
  • Taste and Flavor 97% 97%
  • Easy to Follow Instructions 94% 94%
  • Ease of Ordering 98% 98%
  • Customer Service 96% 96%
  • Pricing 95% 95%

Quick Feature highlights

  • Cancel your subscription at any time
  • Meals starting at $7.49
  • Farm-sourced ingredients

Hello Fresh meal delivery homepage screenshot
Lemon-thyme pork cutlets from Hello Fresh

Source: Hello Fresh

Griddle onion cheeseburger from Hello Fresh

Source: Hello Fresh

Pineappley pork meatloves from Hello Fresh

Source: Hello Fresh

Apricot Balsamic Glazed Pork from Hello Fresh

Source: Hello Fresh

The Complete Review of the Hello Fresh Meal Kit Delivery Service

One of the industry leaders in home meal delivery services is Hello Fresh. Formed in 2011 in Germany, the company quickly spread it’s high-quality meal kit service to the United States. If you’re considering giving the company a try, you’ll want to read our complete Hello Fresh review first! Our hungry team chomped their way through several of the options available to give you an honest and accurate look at what to expect.

Included in this Hello Fresh review:

Overall Hello Fresh Review and Ratings

  • Overall Rating – (97/100) 97% 97%

Something was quickly evident when we started our Hello Fresh review — this company is going to be the delicious benchmark for the rest of the industry. Affordably priced meals, an easy to use website, high-quality ingredients, and easy-to-follow cooking instructions are just the tip of the iceberg lettuce when it comes to what we love about the company.

Key Benefits:

  • There is an average of 17 different entrée menu item choices that rotate every week. The company advertises 20 options, but that include sides and quick-lunch options.
  • You can cancel your subscription or skip an unlimited number of weeks at any time (and it’s easy to do).
  • Subscriptions are available for two people or four people. The four-person subscription can get up to three meals a week, and the two-person subscription can get up to five meals per week. 
  • Ordering and selecting meals is very easy and takes less than a minute or two weekly through the online meal management system.

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Menu Options Available at Hello Fresh

Let’s talk food! Our favorite part of the Hello Fresh review (and any of our meal delivery kit reviews) is the menu section. Every week, Hello Fresh has a rotating selection of meals that you can choose from. Here are some quick facts about the menu options.

  • Each week there are 20 options to choose from. 17 of the options are full meals (what comes with the subscription. The other options are sides, desserts, and protein add ons.
  • Most of the menu items have a tag that talks about the type of meal it is (more details on those below).
  • Each meal listing with Hello Fresh also tells you the estimated prep and cook time, whether it’s spicy, the cooking difficulty, and if it is a quick-to-make meal.

Calorie Smart Meal Options

The calorie smart meals from Hello Fresh are meals that are about 650 calories per serving. As with every meal from the company, it’s jam-packed with healthy and natural ingredients. If you’re watching the waistline or you’re just not a big eater, this might be the meal for you. Each week we reviewed had at least 3-5 calorie smart meal options you could choose.

Cherry Ancho Chicken from Hello Fresh

Quick Meal Options

The quick meal options from Hello Fresh are designed for busy people who want to get in and out of the kitchen fast without sacrificing the quality of the food they’re eating. Most of the quick meal options we saw during our Hello Fresh review were around the 20-25 minute mark. There were a few that took upwards of 35 minutes, but that was rare.

Crunchy Chickpea Schwarma from Hello Fresh

Hall of Fame Meal Options

It was rare to see more than one of these gems on the menu at Hello Fresh. The Hall of Fame meals are the fan favorites that have been the highest-rated over the years. If you want something you know is going to be delicious, snag one of these up every time you see it roll through the menu offerings.

Black Bean Quesadillas from Hello Fresh

Gourmet Meal Options

Feeling fancy? The gourmet meal options from Hello Fresh are upgraded meal options that usually come with a high-quality protein and a lot of food. It’s never mandatory to get any of these, but if you do, your taste buds are going to thank you (as well as anyone you are trying to impress). The gourmet (and gourmet plus) meal options are ideal for dates and special dinners. The standard upcharge for these meals is $5.99 per serving on all plans. Do plan for a longer cook time as well with most gourmet options.

Scallops over truffled Mushroom Risotto from Hello Fresh

Gourmet Plus Meal Options

The gourmet plus meals from Hello Fresh are the cream of the crop. If you are looking for something fancy (but still affordable) for dinner, you’ve got to try the gourmet plus meals. Generally, there is only one of these options per week, but you may see two from time to time. The standard upcharge on all plans is $7.99 per serving. Again, perfect for dates and impressing literally anyone. Trying out these meals just may have been the most fun we had during our Hello Fresh review.

Beef Tenderloin Au Poivre from Hello Fresh

Taste Tours

If you’re in the mood for some international tastes, the Taste Tours from Hello Fresh are incredible. These unique flavors may be the rarest on the menu, but we do see one at least every 2-3 weeks. The taste tours showcase unique flavors from around the globe delivered right to your door. If you ever hear anyone say meal delivery services aren’t cultured, they are mistaken.

Koreaan BBQ Bulgolgi from Hello Fresh

Easy meals

The easy meals from Hello Fresh are a bit misleading. Why? Well, all of the meals from the company are easy to cook (and that is coming from someone with minimal cooking experience). But if you are looking for something super easy that maybe you can use to cook with the kids, this is a win. In fact, we’re going to just go ahead and rename these the kid-friendly meals. Someone please let Hello Fresh know for us.

Chicken Sausage and Sweet Potato Soup from Hello Fresh

Craft Burgers

One of the other meals available for a small upcharge (like the gourmet and gourmet plus meals) is the craft burgers. These delectable burgers are…well, incredible. We’ve seen a few different variations that rotate through every other menu or so (sometimes more frequently). The craft burgers from Hello Fresh are fancy burgers that are sure to impress those you’re cooking for and your taste buds.

Sunny-Side-Up Burgers from Hello Fresh

Beyond Meat Meals

Vegetarians rejoice because Hello Fresh is jumping on the plantless-protein train with Beyond Meat dishes. They’re fairly new to the offerings and just slowly working into the rotation. That being said, we expect to see a lot more of these options available in the near future to enhance the already great vegetarian options offered by Hello Fresh. 

Beyond Meat Penne from Hello Fresh meal delivery service

Ready to Eat Meals

Generally, the ready to eat meals are part of the add-ons that you can include with your plan every week. These are dishes that can be served cold and require no preparation at all. On average, we see about 1-2 of these on each menu at Hello Fresh every week. While they’re not part of the normal subscription plans, we still wanted to include every option in our Hello Fresh review.

Sweet Kale Salad and Cast-Iron Seared Chicken from Hello Fresh

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Hello Fresh Cost – Pricing, Plans and Subscriptions

One of the most important parts of a meal delivery kit review is a look at the pricing and what it’s going to cost. While quality and ease of cooking can sometimes be more important, you can’t ignore pricing, especially if you’re looking for a longer-term solution. Our Hello Fresh review of the cost found that meals are quite affordable and start at the $7.49 price point.

Meals do get slightly more expensive if you’re only shopping for two people instead of four (with the exception of the two meal four person plan). Shipping costs are standard across the board, regardless of which subscription plan you select.

Compared with the rest of the meal delivery service market, these prices are right on par. Unlike some other industries, most meal kit companies stay within the same realm of pricing. What we did like, though, is the gourmet upgrade options are more affordable with Hello Fresh than with some other companies. If you are planning on eating something a little fancier every now and then, Hello Fresh could be a great option.

How much does Hello Fresh cost?

People Served# of MealsPer serving costPer meal costShipping CostTotal Weekly Cost
2 servings3$8.99$17.98$7.99$61.93
2 servings4$8.99$17.98$7.99$79.91
2 servings5$8.99$17.98$7.99$97.89
4 servings2$8.99$35.96$7.99$79.91
4 servings3$7.49$29.96$7.99$97.87

How much does Hello Fresh cost for 2?

The cost per serving for two people with Hello Fresh is $8.99 per serving or $17.98 per meal. Shipping costs are $7.99 weekly regardless of the number of meals you order. Hello Fresh does also offer some premium upgrade options that do add either $5.99 per serving for Gourmet or $7.99 extra per serving for Gourment Plus. So, a Gourmet meal for two from Hello Fresh (the upgraded option) would be $13.98 per person or $27.96 for the meal. Remember, though, you don’t have to upgrade to these meals, and the regular offerings from Hello Fresh are delicious.

How much does Hello Fresh cost for 4?

The cost per serving for four people with Hello Fresh is a little cheaper at $7.99 per serving or $31.96 per meal. Shipping costs are the same as the two-person subscription at a flat $7.99. You also have the ability to upgrade to Gourmet and Gourmet Plus meals at the same price as with the two-person subscription ($5.99 and $7.99 per serving, respectively).

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Hello Fresh Unboxing and Cooking Demo

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How does Hello Fresh Work?

If this is your first time using a home meal delivery service, you may be wondering how it all works. Specifically, today, we’re going to talk about how Hello Fresh works, as each meal kit company does things a little differently.

The premise laid out by the company is simple and we confirmed it worked as advertised during our Hello Fresh review. You sign up for a subscription through the company’s website to get a certain number of meals for a certain number of people every week.

Here are the main options you can choose between:

Screenshot of Hello Fresh sign up options

  • Choose your meal-type preference
    • Meat and Veggies – The widest variety of recipe options that include meat, fish, and seasonal produce.
    • Veggie – These options are for vegetarians and include a ton of great veggies.
    • Family Friendly – These recipes are designed for families with kids. Meals are quick and kid-approved.
    • Low Calorie – Great options for those looking to trim the waistline. All meals are around 650 calories each.
  • Number of people
    • 2 or 4: This is how many people you are planning to serve. The maximum number of weekly meals for a family of two is five meals, and the maximum number of weekly meals for a family of four is three meals.
  • Recipes per week
    • 2 or 3: This is the number of complete meals you will get every week with your Hello Fresh subscription.

The Ordering Process and Subscription Options Explained

Once you’ve signed up for your subscription, it’s time to get to fun part — picking out your meals. For us, this was the most fun part of the Hello Fresh review because you really get to see the ingenuity and diverse options put together by the team.

Based on the choices you made when signing up, Hello Fresh will automatically choose meals for you for the next three weeks. If you like the selections, you don’t have to do anything else! But if you’re looking to have some flexibility to change things up, you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s what that will look like:

A screenshot of the Hello Fresh menu selection screen

You’ll see your current options at the top of the screen. If you want to change something out, you just click the ‘minus’ button next to the entree you want to remove. Then, check out the additional options and click the ‘Add’ button next to what you want. If you want two of the same thing, you can use the ‘plus’ sign to take care of that.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to do anything of this by the serving. Each addition or subtraction is by the entire meal.

Our Hello Fresh review also revealed that the company offers a few premium selections that you can get for a small upcharge. These aren’t mandatory, but it’s a neat option if you’re looking for something special for a date night, a special occasion, or just because. If you look at the screenshot we included above, we actually already added one of those to our menu. These items are labeled as ‘Gourmet’ or ‘Gourmet Plus’ and show the price change for each serving. Your billing will automatically update if you decide to get something a little fancier.

At the top of the screen, Hello Fresh has each of the upcoming weeks clearly labeled. All you have to do to select your meals for the next week is select it from the date box. From there, you can also use the ‘Manage Week’ function, which is where you can easily choose to skip weeks. If you see below, the red slash mark shows weeks that we have chosen to cancel. If you cancel, you can always easily reactivate a week.

The date selectors on Hello Fresh

The one thing we do want to point out is the three-meal maximum for families of four. If you’re looking for a solution that is every night of the week, you may need to purchase multiple subscriptions. But if you’re looking for a little help a few nights a week, it is ideal. Two-person Hello Fresh subscriptions can order up to five meals a week.

The Delivery Process

Hello Fresh ships all of your meals for the week in the same box directly to your doorstep. You’re able to pick the date and time you want to receive your box (but the time windows are large, so it really could be anytime during the day). The good news, though, is that you’re not required to be home to accept the delivery. Hello Fresh will leave the package on your doorstep so that you can get it when you come home. The foods that need to be kept cold are wrapped with specialty cooling packs to keep everything fresh.

One helpful tip we uncovered during our Hello Fresh review was the delivery calendar. You can get a full, printable calendar that shows the days you have deliveries scheduled (and the weeks you chose to skip). You can find this by navigating to your ‘Account Settings’ page and scrolling to the bottom in the ‘Status’ section. Here’s what it looks like.

Calendar reviewing meal delivery dates

The Cooking Process and Average Cooking Times

During our Hello Fresh review, we averaged the cook and preparation times for over 70 different recipes. The result? The average cook time was just over 30 minutes and 30 seconds — about half an hour. We did include some of the Gourmet and Gourmet Plus meal kits that take a bit longer to cook, as well as some of the Quick meals that are around 20 minutes each from box to mouth. Each recipe on Hello Fresh clearly states the average cook time and from our experience, the estimated times fit well for a novice cooker.

How long are Hello Fresh meals good for?

The Hello Fresh team advises using your meal kits during the week they are delivered. While it’s always up to your best judgment (says the company), they do guarantee a freshness expiration date of a minimum of three days on meat products. Generally, it’s a bit longer than that, but that’s the minimum you can expect through the company.

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The Hello Fresh Meal Kit Cancellation Policy

One of the shining spots in the Hello Fresh review (yes, there were plenty), is the company’s cancellation policy. You are 100% free to cancel your meal delivery subscription at any point in time. There are no restrictions as to why you want to cancel either.

What’s even better, is Hello Fresh also lets you skip as many weeks as you’d like if you just need a break, are traveling for a week, or just have plans that don’t require your meal kit for the week. It takes about five seconds to skip a week from the ‘Manage Week’ tab inside your account. You can skip as many weeks in a row as you want. Generally, the websites will only let you do this up to three weeks in advance (basically on schedule with when menus are released).

If you do skip a week and decide you want a delivery, you can always reactivate the week. All changes to orders (active/skip and menu selections) are due five days prior to the delivery date. You won’t be able to cancel and order or skip a week after this point.

The unskip week button on Hello Fresh

Is there a quality or satisfaction guarantee with Hello Fresh?

While guarantees are fairly rare in the meal delivery industry, Hello Fresh did have some positive information on the topic. According to what we found posted in the company’s terms of service during our Hello Fresh review, if you are at all unhappy with the product you received, you can reach out to the company within five days. Based on what the issue is, Hello Fresh may issue a credit, partial refund, or a full refund.

Do be aware that you may be asked to return the unsatisfactory product before a refund is issued. So, if you’re not happy, don’t chow down and expect the company to also send you a credit or a refund.

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Cooking Difficulty – How Hard is Hello Fresh to Cook?

One of the best parts about Hello Fresh meal delivery is that it’s easy to cook. We pointed out earlier that we even thought it was silly the company had meals marked as easy because we found everything (including the gourmet plus meals) simple to cook.

Each meal comes with a dedicated menu card with information about the meal and all of the instructions to cook it. The best part about the menu cards is they are written for normal people. Don’t expect to see fancy cooking words that assume you’ve spent years in a Michelin Star-rated kitchen. As long as you can follow directions, you’re going to love how easy these meals are to make. If we had to pick the top five benefits we discovered in our Hello Fresh review, this would certainly be one of them.

Additionally, all the menus are available ahead of time online with the ingredients list, instructions, what is not included, and nutritional facts. Here’s a sample from the delicious Philly-Style Beef Melts. 

Menu card sample from Hello Fresh

Is Hello Fresh good for kids?

If you read through the over 10,000 5-star reviews for Hello Fresh, you’ll see plenty of comments talking about how great the product is for kids. not only are the meals tasty with kid-approved dishes, but many of the quick and easy-labeled dishes are perfect for kids that want to help in the kitchen. All the ingredients are already measured out, so kids just need to dump and pour to feel part of the mix. 10/10 our Hello Fresh review team approves these meals for kids. 

What supplies do I need to cook with Hello Fresh meal delivery?

Almost everything is included in your Hello Fresh meal kit. The only things the company assumes you have are:

  • Cooking oil
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Sugar

What cooking equipment do I need to have?

Cooking equipment is not included with your Hello Fresh meal kit delivery. But good news! You aren’t going to need anything crazy. All you need is a pot, a pan, an oven, and some utensils to stir things with. 

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Nutrition – Is Hello Fresh Healthy?

Yes. Hello Fresh uses high-quality ingredients sourced directly from the farm. When you get the food, you’ll see that the taste and quality of the veggies, meats, and ingredients are awesome, especially at this price point. If you’re looking for specifics, you can find the nutritional information on the website or app (before ordering a meal), on the recipe card, or on the website/app after you order. The transparency of nutritional information is another positive of the Hello Fresh review.

Does Hello Fresh have vegetarian options?

Yes! Hello Fresh has plenty of vegetarian options available for those who choose not to eat meat. Additionally, the company has recently introduced Beyond Meat products that offer another great element for vegetarian eaters. 

How are the Hello Fresh serving sizes?

They filled us up nicely. The lower calorie meals were smaller in portion size as you might expect, but still were feeling. Hello Fresh does a nice job of using fiber and other nutrients to produce meals that are not only tasty but keep you full for longer. 

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How to Sign Up for Hello Fresh Now

Signing up for Hello Fresh takes no more than about five minutes from start to finish. Click the link below and you’ll be taken to the Hello Fresh website to sign up. Any available promotions being run by the company will automatically be applied to your account. 

Input your information, select your plan, and pick out your meals. That’s all it takes! After you click the link below and close this Hello Fresh review, your food should be getting boxed up to be shipped to you within minutes. Enjoy!