Green Chef Meal Delivery Review

Green Chef meal delivery homepage screen shot
  • Overall Rating – (95/100) 95% 95%
  • Taste and Flavor 94% 94%
  • Easy to Follow Instructions 96% 96%
  • Ease of Ordering 95% 95%
  • Customer Service 98% 98%
  • Pricing 91% 91%

Quick Feature highlights

  • Keto, Paleo, Gluten-free, Vegan, and Vegetarian Options
  • Meals starting at $10.99
  • Free shipping on your first order

Green Chef meal delivery homepage screen shot
Herby pesto hash with a crispy fried egg from Green Chef

Source: Green Chef

Bavette steak from Green Chef

Source: Green Chef

Crispy lemon mustard chicken from Green Chef

Source: Green Chef

Mushroom and tomato linguine from Green Chef

Source: Green Chef

The Complete Review of the Green Chef Meal Kit Delivery Service

If you’re looking for a meal delivery service that gives you extensive food options (especially for specialty diets), Green Chef may be the right fit. During our Green Chef review, we were pleased to find the company offers “regular” style meal options, as well as paleo, vegetarian, vegan, keto, and balanced living (healthy) options.

While the meals are a few dollars more than the meal kit industry average, the quality of ingredients is high and the specialty diet needs Green Chef meets makes up for it. If you’re considering giving the meal kit company a try, stay tuned for our full Green Chef review, where we break down everything you need to know to get started.

Included in this Green Chef review:

Overall Green Chef Review and Ratings

  • Overall Rating – (95/100) 95% 95%

The shining star moment of our Green Chef review was the specialty diet options that are taken care of. While the food options for families and those just looking to get more convenience in their diets are great, Green Chef clearly has healthy folks with unique needs in mind. Where other meal delivery services address these diets as an afterthought, Green Chef hits it head-on. 

The ordering process, options, and ability to modify your order are all on-par with the other industry leaders. Pricing is a bit higher, but it’s to be expected with the quality of the ingredients and special needs being met. Overall, the consensus of our Green Chef review is the product tastes good, meets a diverse list of dietary needs, and delivers the convenience you want in a meal delivery company. 

Key Benefits:

  • Dietary options for Keto (ability to choose your proteins), Paleo, Balanced Living (omnivores, pescatarians, or no preference), Vegans, Vegetarians, and the family plan. 
  • All plans can select meals from any of the different plans at any time
  • Delivery available any day of the week Monday through Friday (your choice).

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Menu Options Available at Green Chef

Since we’re already ranting and raving about the options we found during our Green Chef reviews, it seems fitting to dive into all of that first. Let’s look at some fast facts about the menu options at Green Chef and then talk about the different plans that you can choose from. Remember, you can always select foods from different plans if something looks better to you. Additionally, you have the ability to select specific meals within each plan each week. It does appear that you have to choose all your meals from one particular plan for the wee, though. 

  • Each individual plan has 6-8 different meal options to choose from each week. 
  • All menu items come with cook time, calories, nutritional facts, ingredient lists, and a recipe card online to help you make your selections.
  • Fact

Keto Meal Plan

For those of you healthy people or athletes stat stick to the keto diet, you’re in luck. Green Chef has a complete plan dedicated to keto-friendly meals. All meals are low in carbs and gluten-free. The Keto meal delivery plan is one of the two most expensive with Green Chef, but it’s still affordable at $12.99 per serving. 

Keto meal plan from Green Chef

Paleo Meal Plan

For our Earth-loving friends, the paleo plan from Green Chef is ready for you. All meals are gluten, dairy, grain, and soy-free. Additionally, all ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced. If you’re looking for a convenient way to fuel your body right, the paleo meal plan from Green Chef is a great option.

Paleo meal plan from Green Chef

Balanced Living Meal Plan

At first, we got a little worried during our Green Chef review that there might not be any options for people not on a specialty diet. No fear, though. The balanced living meal delivery plan from Green Chef fills that void. Generally, this is one of the plans with the most options from week to week, and it also showcases some of the tastiest options. Pricing comes in $1 lower than the paleo or keto plans from Green Chef. 

Balanced living meal plan from Green Chef

Plant-Powered Meal Plan

Calling all vegetarians and vegans! Green Chef has a plan specifically built for you. Where some other meal delivery companies just have a few options you can choose every week, Green Chef puts your needs front and center with the plant-powered plan. 

Plant-powered meal plan from Green Chef

Family Meal Plan

The family plan shares many of the same entrees with the balanced living plan. The difference? You are getting four servings instead of just two. Additionally, there are some recipes that are only available on the larger family meal plan. What’s nice, though, is the price per serving comes down with this plan, which should offer some savings to families. 

Family meal plan from Green Chef

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Green Chef Cost – Pricing, Plans and Subscriptions

The cost of Green Chef meals ranges from $10.99 up to $12.99 per serving. Unlike some other meal kit delivery services, there are no premium add-ons or anything like that. This makes for much more transparent and simple pricing to get the best that Green Chef has to offer.

Pricing is determined by the plan that you select. Unlike other meal delivery services, you only have to select a plan and not how many meals you want. All plans other than the family plan always come with three meals for two people. The family plan from Green Chef always comes with two meals for four people. While Green Chef is still awesome for families, you definitely get more flexibility if you’re only ordering for two.

Compared to the rest of the meal delivery industry, Green Chef’s cost of a subscription is a bit higher by a few dollars per serving. If you are very budget-conscious, this might start to add up over the long run. Still, it is much more affordable than many other dining options. If quality, convenience, and keeping up with your diet are worth an extra dollar or two per serving, then it’s a great fit. 

How much does Green Chef cost?

Plan# of servings# of MealsPer serving costPer meal costShipping CostTotal Weekly Cost
Balanced Living23$11.99$23.98$6.99$78.93

How much does Green Chef cost for 2?

Green Chef meals for two are either $11.99 or $12.99 per serving, depending on which plan you choose. All two-person plans from Green Chef come with three meals per week. Shipping on your first order is traditionally free and moves to $6.99 weekly after that. This brings your total weekly out the door cost with a two-person Green Chef subscription to either $78.83 or $84.93, depending on your plan.

How much does Green Chef cost for 4?

The cost of a Green Chef subscription for four is $10.99 per serving. The only option you have is two meals per week, so it keeps pricing pretty simple. Shipping on the first order is usually free, and then it goes to $6.99 per order. Your total weekly cost for the Green Chef family plan is $94.91 for a total of eight servings of yummy food. 

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How does Green Chef Work?

Green Chef is a subscription-based meal delivery company. The company delivers boxes packed with all of the ingredients you need to make healthy meals at home. Each meal box comes with pre-measured ingredients, a recipe card with instructions, and special cold packs to keep everything fresh in transit.

Deliveries are made weekly right to your front door based on the meals you pick to receive. No more researching recipes, dreaming up meal ideas or going to the grocery store.

What happens if you don’t want an order for a week? No problem. You can skip as many weeks as you need to very easily from the dashboard of your membership account. Just select the week you want to skip, click the edit order button, and select skip. You can always walk that back as long as your changes are made at least a week before your order is set to arrive.

The Ordering Process and Subscription Options Explained

For our Green Chef review, we went through the full sign-up and ordering process, so that we can break it down in detail for you. Total time from start to picking out our meals and finishing our order was about 10 minutes. The process is simple. Select the plan that best fits your lifestyle. Fill out your shipping information, and checkout. That’s it! From there, you can navigate over and easily change out the meals you are receiving if you see something that looks more appealing.

Getting started screen from Green Chef

Here’s a quick snapshot of the different plans available at Green Chef. Remember, all of the plans except for the family plan come automatically with three meals for two people every week. The family plan always comes with two meals for four people every week.

Meal Plans at Green Chef


The Delivery Process

Food from Green Chef is delivered directly to your door on the day of your choice. Currently, the company doesn’t have any weekend deliveries but you can choose any day of the week from Monday through Friday. You can always check all your deliveries from a handy-dandy delivery calendar that’s available inside your member area. It can show you which meals are set to come and which ones you’ve skipped.

Green Chef delivery schedule with Green Chef


The Cooking Process and Average Cooking Times

Cooking your Green Chef meals is easy. Each box comes with pre-measured ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe card. Additionally, you can see the full recipes and instructions online before or after your order arrives. If you’re worried you might not be able to cook something, you can use these resources to choose your meals.

For our Green Chef review, we averaged the cook times of over 50 different Green Chef recipes. The average came out to just over 30 minutes with the shortest cook times at 20 minutes and the longest at 40 minutes. This puts the meal times right on par with the rest of the industry, and a lower long-range than most other providers (that sometimes get up to 50 or 55 minutes).

Here’s a sample of one of the recipe information sheets we looked at while picking out meals for our Green Chef review. It will always include:

  • The name of the dish
  • The ingredients list
  • A description
  • A link to the recipe card
  • The calories
  • The cook time
  • Nutritional information
  • Allergy information

Recipe information from Green Chef


When you receive your Green Chef order, you’ll get the same recipe card that is linked from the page above but in tangible form. This makes it easy when you’re cooking (no need to wheel the computer down), and it also gives you some great recipes that you can always make later on your own if you want to. Here’s the sample recipe card from this dish:

Screenshot of the front of a recipe card from Green Chef

Screenshot of the back of a recipe card from Green Chef


How long are Green Chef meals good for?

According to the company, all Green Chef meals and ingredients are good for five days after you receive them. The only exception that is noted is that seafood should be used within three days of receiving.

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The Green Chef Meal Kit Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your Green Chef meal kit at any point in time with zero questions asked. The only stipulation is that you need to cancel at least one week before your next delivery. Additionally, if you need a break, you can always skip as many weeks as you want. When you skip a week, nothing is sent and you aren’t charged. Your deliveries pick back up the next week unless you choose to skip multiple weeks, which is completely acceptable.​

Is there a quality or satisfaction guarantee with Green Chef?

If you’re unhappy at all with any part of your experience, you can reach out to Green Chef and the company will make it right. The company says at its own full discretion is may give you a credit, partial refund, or full refund, depending on what happened. 

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Cooking Difficulty – How Hard is Green Chef to Cook?

We found Green C

hef to be one of the easier to cook meal delivery kits on the market. The recipe cards, pre-measured ingredients, and online instructions were all great resources. Many of the special diet meals were simpler (as they need to be), which made things even easier. If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to make your own food at home, our Green Chef review reveals that is a win. 

Is Green Chef good for kids?

The family plan and balanced living plans with Green Chef are good for kids. The meals are tasty and the preparation is easy enough that kids can help. The more specialized dietary plans are going to depend on your kid. If the kid is a picky eater that hates everything but macaroni, you might want to stick with the family or balanced living plans. But if they like the more specialized healthy stuff, then go for it! 

What supplies do I need to cook with Green Chef meal delivery?

According to Green Chef, all you need to make all the meals are some basic pantry items. The additional ingredients will be provided in your meal kit box. These items include:

  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil
  • High temperature cooking oil. Any of these will work: avocado, canola, coconut, safflower,  or vegetable.

What cooking equipment do I need to have?

In general, you just need some basic kitchen equipment to cook the meals from Green Chef. The company lists out two lists on its website — items that are used frequently and items that are used occasionally (rarer). 

Frequently Used:

  • Pots and pans
  • Chef’s knife
  • Cooking spoon
  • Spatula
  • Strainer
  • Peeler
  • Measuring cup
  • Tablespoon measure
  • Sheet pan
  • Aluminum foil

Occasionally Used:

  • Grill or grill pan
  • Ladle
  • Tongs
  • Microplane zester
  • Box grater
  • Teaspoon measure
  • Tablespoon
  • Thermometer
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Nutrition – Is Green Chef Healthy?

The biggest highlight of the entire Green Chef review is probably the healthiness of the food. The certified organic company offers a ton of healthy options with special meal plans for specific diets. If you are keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, or just looking to eat a little bit better, Green Chef has you covered. While the price is a few dollars higher per serving size, the quality of the food you’re getting more than makes up for it.

Additionally, each Green Chef meal comes complete with a nutritional label, allergy information, and a full ingredients list. And you can see all of this information before you choose your meals. This makes it super convenient for calorie counters, macro counters, or those with specific goals to stay in line with their diets.

Does Green Chef have vegetarian options?

Yes! Green Chef not only has vegetarian options, but the company also has Vegan options. Additionally, these options are not just an afterthought thrown into the mix after the fact. Green Chef has a fully dedicated plan set up for vegans and vegetarians. If you’re tired of only having one or two options to choose from with a meal kit service, you’ll want to try Green Chef.

Plant-powered meal plan from Green Chef

How are the Green Chef serving sizes?

Filling. If you’re worried about portion sizes and feeling full, you have nothing to worry about with Green Chef. The organic ingredients and nutritional content are designed in a way not just to fuel you up, but also to help you feel fuller. You won’t have any problems satisfying bigger eaters with Green Chef.

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How to Sign Up for Green Chef Now

Hopefully, our Green Chef review helped you see if the meal delivery company is a good fit for you. The meals taste good and check a lot of great boxes for those looking to eat cleaner and healthier. To get signed up now, click the link below and create your Green Chef account. The entire process from right now to when you have healthy meals ready to ship to you is about 10 minutes! If you’re on the fence, try a box! Remember, you can cancel at any time if it’s not for you.