Blue Apron Meal Delivery Review

Screenshot of the Blue Apron homepage
  • Overall Rating – (95/100) 95% 95%
  • Taste and Flavor 99% 99%
  • Easy to Follow Instructions 92% 92%
  • Ease of Ordering 95% 95%
  • Customer Service 94% 94%
  • Pricing 98% 98%

Quick Feature highlights

  • Meals starting at $7.49
  • Bulk pricing discounts available
  • Able to add wine to your order

Screenshot of the Blue Apron homepage
Chicken Dish option from Blue Apron

Source: Blue Apron

Sweet Potato and Tahini-Dressed Chicken from Blue Apron

Source: Blue Apron

Pork Dish from Blue Apron

Source: Blue Apron

Roasted Salt and Vinegar Potatoes from Blue Apron

Source: Blue Apron

The Complete Review of the Blue Apron Meal Kit Delivery Service

Founded in 2012 in New York, the U.S.-based meal delivery kit company Blue Apron has been serving up delicious foods direct to your door for almost a decade now. In our Blue Apron Review, we look at just how good the food is, how easy it is to cook, what it’s going to cost, and how good the food is for you. If you’ve been considering giving meal service delivery a try, you’ll want to stick around for our Blue Apron review. Your stomach and taste buds will thank you!

Included in this Blue Apron Fresh review:

Overall Blue Apron Review and Ratings

  • Overall Rating – (95/100) 95% 95%

As you can see, our team was very pleased during the Blue Apron review process. The company offers some of the tastiest food on the market, and at the same affordable prices as the competitors. Unlike some other meal delivery kits, Blue Apron offers nice incremental discounts as you increase the amount of food you are ordering.

Compared to some other companies, Blue Apron’s meals have a bit of a “fancier” feel, which is great for those that might be looking to impress with their cooking skills. Additionally, unlike many other brands, the Blue Apron review revealed that the company also lets you order wine pairings along with your meals starting at $10 a bottle.

The weekly selections were a little lower on some plan than some other meal delivery services, but from week to week the variety is great. It looks like the standard is about 6 recipes per week for four-person memberships and 12 recipes per week for two-person memberships. This is a lot lower than, say, a company like Hello Fresh that has around 17 main course meals to choose from every week for all plans.

Overall, the results of our Blue Apron review were…is delicious the right word? We think so! The meals taste great. The wine option is awesome. And everything is affordable starting at $7.49 a meal.

Key Benefits:

  • The average number of meal delivery choices each week from Blue Apron is up to 12, depending on the plan you choose.
  • Wine can be added to each order (or ordered separately) starting at $10 per bottle.
  • The recipes are a bit “fancier,” which is great for those looking to impress someone without the need to be a chef.

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Menu Options Available at Blue Apron

There’s never a more fun part of this process than looking at the food options and the Blue Apron review did not disappoint. Options wise, you get about 6 different types of meals to choose from each week on the four-person plan and about 12 on the two-person plan.For those getting the two-person meal plan, that’s some great variety. For those getting four meals a week, you’re going to be a bit limited to the choices that are available. While the weekly options are a bit lower for the four-person memberships than some of the other meal kit delivery companies, the week to week variety is incredible.

  • Each week, two-person meal delivery plans get around 12 meals to choose from.
  • Each week, four-person meal delivery plans get around 6 meals to choose from.
  • Blue Apron integrates with Weight Watchers and has an option every week that is under 500 calories and WW Approved.
  • Unlike other companies that have upgraded gourmet options, every meal is available for the same price through Blue Apron.

Six Blue Apron menu options


Each menu option shows the name of the entree, the main ingredients, the estimated cook and prep time, and any specialty tags that there are. Most of the specialty tags include:

  • Vegetarian
  • Plant-Forward
  • Diabetes-Friendly
  • 500 Calories or Less
  • Mediterranean
  • Carb Conscious

If you click on an entree option when selecting your meals, you can see all the ingredients, the recipe card, nutritional information, and the full recipe. You’ll even see recommended other products or wines that may be a good fit for the order.

Expanded menu item on Blue Apron


Wine from Blue Apron

A perk that we haven’t seen on many other meal service delivery reviews is the ability to order wine with your food. Blue Apron sells wine by the bundle or by the case in a ton of different varieties. Don’t know what to get? The bundles are a great place to start, or you will be given suggestions with each of the meals you select. You will pay additional shipping on the wine if the order is under $50. It’s pretty awesome, though, to see this great addition to a meal available without having to go to an outside vendor.

Wine options through Blue Apron


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Blue Apron Cost – Pricing, Plans and Subscriptions

One of the shining moments of the Blue Apron review was the simplicity of the pricing structure, the affordability, and the bulk discounts. Let’s break it down. Unlike some other meal delivery services, Blue Apron doesn’t have upgraded meal options that cost more if you choose to order them. The company chooses to keep it simple and have all meals at the same price regardless of the plan you are on.

What’s really great about the Blue Apron cost structure is that the more you order, the cheaper the meals get. And, as long as you aren’t using the bare minimum Blue Apron subscription plan (two meals a week for two people), shipping is completely free.

Update: It does look like Blue Apron has added some premium upgrade options for some weeks. The options look to be rare, but we are now seeing them pop up.

Blue Apron premium option of spicy mapo tofu and pork

How much does Blue Apron cost?

People Served# of MealsPer serving costPer meal costShipping CostTotal Weekly Cost
2 servings2$9.99$19.98$7.99$47.95
2 servings3$9.99$19.98Free$59.94
4 servings2$8.99$35.96Free$71.92
4 servings3$7.99$31.96Free$95.88
4 servings4$7.49$29.96Free$119.84

How much does Blue Apron cost for 2?

Blue Apron for 2 people is $9.99 a serving. The price per serving stays the same whether you order two meals a week of three meals a week. But if you choose the three meals a week plan, your shipping goes from $7.99 to free. This means that adding an extra day onto your service only jumps the price about $12 instead of the $20 you might expect (because of the free shipping).

How much does Blue Apron cost for 4?

The Blue Apron cost for four people depends on how many meals per week you choose to order. Your options are two meals, three meals, or four meals. What’s great is that all of these plans come with free shipping. The pricing for two meals per week is $8.99 per serving (cheaper than all of the two-person plans). When you move up to the three meals per week plan, the price drops to $7.99. And if you get the most robust plan that Blue Apron has to offer of four meals per week, it’s $7.49 per serving.

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How does Blue Apron Work?

The Blue Apron sign-up, ordering, and delivery processes are all pretty dang seamless. It took us all of about five minutes to get signed up and pick our meals while conducting our initial Blue Apron reviews. What really stood out was that delivery was available six days a week. Some other meal kit companies have deliveries all week long, but your options depend on where you live. With Blue Apron, though, you can actually choose any delivery day. The only current exception is Mondays.

The Ordering Process and Subscription Options Explained

Blue Apron subscribes to the keep it simple mentality. The company only has two memberships — two-person and four-person. You may hear each called by a different name (like the family plan for the four-person), but they are all the same thing. Within each of those plans, you can choose how many meals you want per week. For the two-person plan, it’s two or three meals a week, and for the four-person plan, it’s two, three, or four meals per week. Pricing and shipping costs adjust based on which plan you sign up for. 

The Delivery Process

As mentioned, one of the shining moments of the Blue Apron review was realizing that you actually can get your food on any day of the week except for Monday. Additionally, you can leave special delivery instructions for what to do with the box if you’re not home. All food comes wrapped with cool packs to make sure everything stays fresh and healthy. 

What’s really nice, as well, is that you can alter the shipping day or the shipping address at any point in time for the whole subscription or just for an individual week. It’s the ultimate in flexibility. 

The Cooking Process and Average Cooking Times

Throughout our Blue Apron reviews, we averaged the cook times of over 50 different meals. The average came out to just over 33 minutes. The range of cook times was as quick as about 20 minutes out to as long as 55 minutes. Compared to other meal delivery companies, this was a few minutes longer but nothing substantial. For the quality of the food and the uniqueness of the recipes, that’s pretty impressive. It speaks volumes to the chef staff for being able to turn quality in a short time without sacrificing taste.

How long are Blue Apron meals good for?

Blue Apron has a freshness guarantee on all ingredients for seven days after you get it. If you have any problems within that time frame, reach out to the company and they will make it right. Ideally, the sooner you eat the meals, the fresher they will be. But it’s nice to know that you have flexibility for the full week if you want to use it.

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The Blue Apron Meal Kit Cancellation Policy

Following suit of the rest of the industry, Blue Apron has a very simple to understand and user-friendly cancellation policy. If you no longer want to receive meals, you can cancel. The one thing we didn’t really like was that you had to reach out to customer service to cancel your subscription. While the process is seamless and you can cancel for any reason, it would be nice to have that ability on your own. But, we are picky, and it’s really not that big of a deal. The bottom line is that you can cancel Blue Apron whenever you want.

Additionally, you have the ability to skip as many weeks as you’d like. If you’re going to be out of town, have something going on, don’t like the recipes for that week, or just want a break, you can skip a week (or weeks). If you click the ‘Manage Delivery’ button at the top of the week you are interested in, you will see the option. Additionally, you can change the date that the food arrives and what address it is sent to.

Skip delivery with Blue Apron

Is there a quality or satisfaction guarantee with Blue Apron?

Blue Apron does have a freshness guarantee that says if you have any problems with any of the food or ingredients within seven days of receiving them, the company will make it right with a credit, replacement, or refund. Compared to other meal delivery companies, this is much longer than we’ve seen in other reviews. For example, Hello Fresh gives a three-day guarantee on proteins which is more than half the time listed here. (Granted, the 3 days at Hello Fresh is a minimum that we haven’t really seen).

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Cooking Difficulty – How Hard is Blue Apron to Cook?

We’ve yet to find a home meal delivery kit that we consider hard to cook. The entire idea behind the product is convenience regardless of t=your chef abilities. That being said, some companies do it better than others.

We found that the Blue Apron meals were pretty dang easy to cook. Compared to other companies, they may be a bit tougher, but not by much. If you look at all the unique things you’re getting to cook, though, it’s to be expected. If you are absolutely clueless with cooking to the point that turning on the microwave seems hard, you may want to try a different company. But as long as you can follow instructions and you’re okay with people thinking you’re an awesome cook, Blue Apron will work just fine.

The company includes recipe cards with every order that detail everything you need to know to cook the order. Additionally, the recipes and full instructions can always be found online if you want to see them digitally. Here’s a sample recipe card for one of the meals we ordered during out Blue Apron review.

The front of the Blue Apron recipe card

The back of the Blue Apron recipe card


Is Blue Apron good for kids?

According to the Blue Apron COO Matthew Wadiak, the family plan meals (those designed for four people) are built with kids in mind. Ideally, it’s going to depend on what your kids like to eat. If they are okay being a little adventurous and trying new things from time to time, Blue Apron is a great fit. If they only like basic foods and things that are a bit more normal, Hello Fresh could be a better fit. The best advice we can give you is to click the link at the top or bottom of this Blue Apron review and check out some of the menu options for yourself.

What supplies do I need to cook with Blue Apron meal delivery?

Blue Apron says all you need are the basics — cooking oil, salt, and pepper. Any other ingredients you need will be provided in your Blue Apron meal kit.

What cooking equipment do I need to have?

According to the Blue Apron blog, all you need is two pans, a pot with a lid, and some utensils to stir and serve with, and you can make every meal they offer. Other kitchen supplies could make things easier, but these are the bare necessities as outlined by the company.

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Nutrition – Is Blue Apron Healthy?

Yes! Since there are two ways that people generally classify healthy (calories and quality), let’s look at both. During our Blue Apron review, we averaged the calories in a ton of the meals. The conclusion? The average calories are just over 680 per serving. When you compare that to the recommended daily caloric intake for most people, that’s a really nice number. Additionally, the company has options that are low carb and that are under 500 calories for those really watching the waistline.

Quality-wise, all of the ingredients Blue Apron uses are sourced from local and sustainable farms. What this means for you is that you’re not only helping the environment, but you are also getting some of the freshest and most delicious ingredients on the planet. Blue Apron does a masterful job of pairing health with good taste.

Does Blue Apron have vegetarian options?

The company does have vegetarian options, but they are limited with the four-person plan. Generally, there is only one vegetarian plan for the four-person meal kit plan. If you’re getting the two-person plan, though, you’ll have at least three options pretty much every week.

Sweet pepper and fig grilled cheese from Blue Apron

How are the Blue Apron serving sizes?

During our yummy testing during our Blue Apron review, the serving sizes kept us nice and filled up. Calorie-wise, things were a little lower than a few of the other popular meal delivery services, but we didn’t feel like that affected our satisfaction or fullness level at all. Basically, you’re getting the same level of full without the excess or empty calories. 

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How to Sign Up for Blue Apron Now

If our Blue Apron review has you hungry, you’re in luck. Getting signed up for your first box is easy and only takes a few minutes. Click the link below that will take you to the Blue Apron website. From there, create your account, pick out your plan, and select your meals. And that’s it! You’ll have delicious Blue Apron meals delivered to your doorstep in no time. 

Chicken Dish option from Blue Apron

Source: Blue Apron

Sweet Potato and Tahini-Dressed Chicken from Blue Apron

Source: Blue Apron

Pork Dish from Blue Apron

Source: Blue Apron

Roasted Salt and Vinegar Potatoes from Blue Apron

Source: Blue Apron